Training fun and support from friends.

Training is hard, very hard. Getting out of bed is hard. Going for a run after work is hard. Going uphill is hard. Going downhill is slightly less hard.

Everything is hard.

All I can say is, thank god for friends and husbands.

I have been woken up with cold hands and kicked out of bed to go and do a run, no excuses.

I have had my arse kicked around the streets of South Leeds, no excuses.

I am currently training for the Leeds Half Marathon in May, I have an app on my phone which tells me when and how far to go. It also tells me how fast but I’m ignoring that. I have shared the plan with my lovely friend Karen so there’s no getting out of it.

I run well on my own but I make excuses not to go so I have enlisted the help of Karen to make sure I do go and also Mr B to kick me out of bed when I have to go early. Other friends have also been enlisted when needed. I am very grateful for the support. I’m also very sorry for the language that finds it’s way out of my mouth when we are running.

Crazy Beeston Birds

Last night was a perfect example. My training plan said 10.5k, I was tired, Karen was tired. We had both been at work all day and the message ping pong was reflecting this. I messaged her and said we could sack it off and do it today but she said let’s just do it. We did it, not the full 10.5k but who cares ? We went out and we ran. My thoughts then turned to food, it was 8.30pm and I really didn’t want to be arsed cooking. I got home and Mr B had put a spud in the oven, my hero !

On another day we slipped and slid our way up through the woods, I had forgotten that the plan involved mud and just wore my road trainers. That involved more walking than running to start but we were out and moving.

That is the kind of support I need.

Food always makes me happy, unless it’s lettuce. I don’t want lettuce.

Saturday is parkrun day but I was working one of them. After chatting to Kevin at running club I discovered that he was also going to miss parkrun so we arranged to meet later on. Then plan was 7k which was also the distance Kevin needed to do for his marathon training. It had been snowing on and off all day but when I set off it was nice and sunny, I sat in my car and waited and watched as the sky turned white and the snow came down. As Kevin arrived it was still snowing and we did 3 laps of the park which came to just over 6k. The snow continued on and off and as every runner knows, distances are doubled in the snow so the 6k is actually 12k. I rewarded myself with a pizza and a glass of wine.

Hardcore Lakers in the park, we did get a few funny looks and someone even laughed at us.

Today is a rest day but I’m still going to Lakers tonight, I’m 2 weeks into my training plan and there are 7 weeks to go. I have a duathlon (run,cycle,run) and a triathlon to do before the race. Fingers crossed I don’t fall off my bike or drown in the pool.

Look out for me plodding around the streets of South Leeds. Say hello, cheer me on or give me chocolate, I don’t mind which.





  1. Antoinette Baron

    Another fabulous read lovely Amanda! Especially enjoyed as I’m struggling with injury atm and your writing lifts me up and reminds me this journey is a crazy ride but a rewarding one


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