More Comebacks Than a Skint Rockstar

The past couple of years have been very erratic, training wise. I was tired and lazy for a while and then discovered I actually had a condition to blame for it. The drugs started to work and I was just getting back into the habit of running regularly when I fell and sprained my ankle. That put me out of action for a few weeks, I managed a couple of races before succumbing to a nasty virus.  So, 5 weeks later, here I am. Still not 100% but much better than I was.

I started my training with a swimming lesson and then I had committed to helping lead a new couch to 5k group in Middleton. So, on a cold January night 35 hardy souls braved the wilds of Middleton Town Street to start a fitness journey that would likely have a big impact on other parts of their lives. I joined them, hoping that I could keep up.

The couch to 5k group started on Monday 8th January, the second session was on the Wednesday. I had offered my services as a run leader but couldn’t commit to both nights so we agreed on Wednesday. The group was created by Lisa and John Fielding, with the support of This Girl Can. It was not exclusive to women, men were welcome to join too.

After a stressful journey home and a quick change meant I made it with a few minutes to spare. Getting into running gear quickly is not easy, I risked breaking my neck rushing to put my leggings on.

There were a few familiar faces, mostly there to help out but some that had tried to run before and given up for a variety of reasons. After a quick talk and a picture, we set off on Week 1, Day 2 of Couch to 5k. The plan was 5 minutes walking to warm up 60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking.

Couch to 5k always has a walk to warm up and cool down. The run/walk times change, increasing each week with a view to being able to run 5k without stopping. There are numerous apps available to guide a new runner and most running clubs have a version of it starting at various times. The recommendation is to run 3 times a week, not on consecutive days with cross training in between.

I was at the back as usual, accompanied by a couple of helpers and 2 runners, 1 new and 1 returning. We chatted and compared experiences and the end came along quite quickly. During the chat we decided that running with a buddy is the best way to run.

We were quite far behind the front group, but we didn’t care, the sense of achievement overrode that. One of the ladies told me how much better she felt after the second session. We have planned to meet later in the week to complete the 3rd session.

Everyone was very positive and looking forward to the next session. Hopefully everyone will return and we can all do a mass parkrun together in 8 weeks.

This was the start of my first week back training, it consisted of swimming and gym. It wasn’t easy and I spent a good few days walking like a cowboy.

I have a new training diary and a 12 week plan is taking shape, all written in pencil, of course. There is a lot of nice pages to fill in, including training goals. My first is to complete a 5k in 35 minutes, my last parkrun time was at Sewerby and I finished in 44:16. I have booked a few races so will be aiming to improve my times with the added bonus of losing a bit of weight.

Let’s hope that this is my last comeback for a while.

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