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Go Tri Duathlon at Temple Newsam.

My second duathlon took place at Temple Newsam, it was very different to the first one. There were a couple of people I knew doing it and one was marshalling. It happened on 12th November, Remembrance Sunday so after the announcements we observed a minute’s silence. We wore our numbers expertly written in marker pen on our hands which some people apparently didn’t like very much. Top tip – alcohol based hand gel gets it off, so does soap and water and a scrubbing brush.

We set off just after 11 and the run started on the grass near the entrance to the farm. It was a long uphill start, thanks for that Go Tri people ! I was knackered before I started. Then it was a lap around the football fields and across the road and around the edge of that field. The last bit of the run was back down the drive, thankfully.

Transition was next to the starting area, there were only 3 bikes there so it was easy to spot mine, there are some advantages to being at the back. The rules state that helmets must be worn before touching the bike, so being a good little girl I did just that. I wheeled my bike to the mount area just as some were coming in to start the final run segment.

The bike section also started with an uphill, evil Go Tri people. I knew the route as it was mostly the parkrun route and I’ve done that one a couple of times.  There was a nice long downhill to have a rest and a sharp turn at the bottom.  Thankfully Paul was a very capable marshal and prevented any falls. Just around the corner was mud and gravel and it brought back some traumatic memories of falling off a motorbike on a gravel car park. Needless to say I took it very carefully. There were lots of puddles to splash through and being the delicate little girl flower that I am I went straight through the middle of as many as I could.

Arrrgghhh gravel !!!!

As everyone knows, what goes down must come up and up and up and up. It went on forever. I had to rest a couple of times and my thighs were screaming at me. And that was just the first lap ! The second was pretty much the same as the first but without the speedsters passing me. By speedsters I mean everyone but me.

I made it back to the transition area without any problems apart from the rubbish thighs that refused to behave and get me up those hills. Then I had to pass the finish line to start the second run, loads of people were finishing at that point. They were very nice as usual and gave me lots of lovely words of encouragement.

I ran up the drive again, when I say run, I mean walk with a few half hearted attempts at running. The two people behind me caught up at this point, I think they were mother and daughter. The older of the 2 ran with me for the whole run. I am very grateful for the support of that stranger, it is not unusual for runners to support each other. If my memory is correct she had an Abbey Runner’s vest on. We had a nice chat on the way around and I probably ran more than I would have if I was on my own. I crossed the finish line in front of her and thought she was kindly letting me in front so I didn’t finish last but when I looked back she had stopped before the finish. I think she must have just been there to support her daughter and not officially in the race.

Crossing the finish line.

I was last, again. According to my fitbit I set off running at 11.02 and when I checked it was 12.03, my official time for my last one was 3 minutes slower.

*Update – results for Brownlee centre duathlon 1:04:05, results for Temple Newsam 59:59, Go me !

Thanks to Paul for the photos.



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