Oakwell Hall parkrun

I arranged to meet a fellow parkrunner at Oakwell Hall today, unfortunately, he went to my home parkrun instead. I had also arranged to take my running buddy Ian along too.

I dragged my tired backside out of bed, after changing my mind a gazillion times about whether to go or not. I even sent Ian a text telling him I was staying in bed, quickly followed by one saying I couldn’t get back to sleep so I was still going to go. I had a minor stress when I couldn’t find my all important apricot parkrun top. I found it hiding behind the towel box cunningly camouflaged by dust and cat hair. A quick shake and sniff determined that it was suitable for wearing.

So at 8.15 we set off, neither of us really knowing where we were going. The twatnav took me on a magical mystery tour of a dodgy looking housing estate which I am reliably informed is named after the Bronte sisters and their books. We came back a much easier way, I hate that woman, she’s always sending me around the houses.

We arrived nice and early, plenty of time for a toilet stop and a moan about how cold and tired I was. We even had time for a selfie and a chat with a couple of Laker friends who were marshalling. Pre run there was a newbie briefing which we all paid special attention to. The route description sounded a lot further than 5k, 2 laps ???? I was knackered just looking at the map.

There was a second briefing for all the runners and despite there being a large presence at the new runners briefing I was the only one to fess up to being a tourist.  After a minor spat about where we were going to start, Ian and I went our separate ways.

Oakwell Hall parkrun is a 2 lap course across a variety of terrains. There were dirt paths, nice and solid. A boggy uphill field, I opted for the kissing gates and path on the second lap. Cobblestone steps, not cobblestone steps. A downhill slalom. Definitely an undulating course.

It was hard, I don’t think the hills were any better or worse than Cross Flatts but the different surfaces made it challenging. The marshals were lovely, as they are at all parkruns. The ones that stuck out were the very enthusiastic man in the Leeds United scarf and the lady in pink legwarmers who told me I was awesomely fabulous. I was a little disappointed that the finish line was hidden around a corner meaning that I was deprived of my usual sprint finish, I’m sure that I would have saved a whole second if I had known.

I opted to run 10 minute intervals with 2 minute walks in between. I finished 218th out of 240, yessss!!! not last ! My time was 43.01, not bad considering the time I have been away from running and parkrun. Oakwell was my 15th location and I ran my 75th parkrun there.

The only picture taken.

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  1. Antoinette Baron

    Wow that’s fabulous Amanda! When the going gets tough I roll out my personal mantra to myself, “Keep going you have the whole rest of the day where you don’t have to run. This is such a teeny part of your whole day.” It usually gets me kick started again.


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