Tales from Torremolinos Part 1 – Eating and Sleeping.

A last minute change of plan meant that I spent 11 days in Torremolinos, Spain. While this might be a “normal” holiday for most people, it’s not for me, I have never spent so long in the same hotel. The flight to Malaga was already booked so I hunted around the internet for a hotel and found a hotel with decent reviews. I used to book a room at the Hotel Torremolinos Centro for 11 nights. It has 3.4/5 on Trip Advisor so I had a look at the reviews to see what the issues were. They seemed to me that they were written by people who moan for the sake of moaning so, I decided to ignore them. The price matched my skinflint budget so I went ahead and booked.

After a pretty uneventful flight I managed to get a train from Malaga airport to Torremolinos. It was simple to do that, the ticket machines have a translation button so I didn’t have to read Spanish and hope for the best. Before I left home, I printed off the directions from the train station to my hotel and thought that it would be pretty straightforward. I should have known better than to trust google maps ! After a couple of false starts, I found the street I was looking for and trundled along dragging my increasingly heavy case behind me. The promised 5 minute walk ended up being about 20. A couple of days later I found a route down a side street which took me to the station in closer to 20 seconds than 20 minutes.

I was right to ignore the bad reviews, the room was fine. The main part of the room was large with 2 single beds, a desk, bedside cabinet and a large wardrobe. The bathroom had a huuuge bath with a shower over it. It was clean and housekeeping came in every day.

The windows and door leading to the balcony were large and let lots of natural light in, the best of the sun was in the afternoon. I didn’t realise that on the first day I went out but luckily the housekeeper did and closed the shutters to keep the heat out and saved me from frying when I got in.

The balcony looked out over the square and was fantastic for people watching. There were a few bars and restaurants in the square but I didn’t go in many of them. I got into a routine of going to the hotel bar for beer and tapas at the end of the day before heading off to find food.

Tapas in the hotel bar, some kind of potato salad type dish with peas and tuna, delicious.Plaza de la Independencia
Meatball and crisp tapasSpanish omelette and breadsticks 

Chicken paella in the hotel bar.

I avoided English/Irish bars and aimed to try as many different types of food as possible. My favourite had to be the Brazilian restaurant. I was wandering aimlessly and I noticed a sign for a restaurant, I followed the sign and found myself in a little square with a couple of places but only one seemed open. I had a wander over but couldn’t see any menus but a nice lady took me inside and asked me if I liked Brazilian food, I had to admit that I didn’t know. She asked if I liked chicken or beef best and then disappeared leaving me sat at the table wondering whether I had actually placed an order or not ! I obviously had because a short while later she placed a plate of delicious food in front of me. Chicken wings, rice and something in a dish that I guessed was some type of beans.  I would definitely recommend Rosana Bar Sabor Brasil.

The most entertaining eating experience had to be the Mexican restaurant with the added bonus of Torremolinos’ answer to Elvis ! I was absolutely fascinated with his very brown leathery skin and I think he took that as an invitation to serenade me. I had spent so long staring at him that I felt obliged to give him a couple of Euros when he came round after finishing singing. The food was pretty good as well. I couldn’t decide which dessert to have so I had them all !

Main course – BurritosSo many delicious sounding desserts, I had to try them all.

Spanish Elvis.

I was absolutely stunned when I paid a visit to McDonald’s, there was beer on the menu. McDonald’s is not a place I go very often but I’m pretty sure that I’ve have never bought beer there before.

Yes, really, beer from McDonald’s.

I also had Italian a couple of times, the restaurant near my hotel had a number 46* in the window so it had to be done. The restaurant had 2 branches one near my hotel and the other near the beach. I went to the beachfront restaurant to watch the racing from Jerez but they didn’t show it, they did however have a three course lunch deal on. I ate so much that I literally could not eat again until late the next morning.

Main course from Little Italy near the hotel.Dessert from Ciao Bella.

Fruit tart from the local bakery.

During a visit to Fuengirola, I stopped at Terraza Latino for lunch. The tuna sandwich was served with something that was a cross between chips and crisps. I was joined by a tiny bird who was sorely disappointed that I wouldn’t share. Cheeky bugger should get a job and buy his own lunch.Chips or crisps ? You decide.Say hello to my little friend.

It was a lovely holiday and I had lots of fun exploring the area, but that is another story for another time.

*Number 46 belongs to Valentino Rossi, Motogp rider.valentino-rossi-nuova-yamaha.jpg (625×351)


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