Witamy parkrun Gdynia*.

On a cold Saturday in March, with a humongous hangover, Mr B literally had to drag me out of bed to go to parkrun. We had a beer and food filled weekend in Poland and of course I had to do another international parkrun. This was my 7th different parkrun outside Yorkshire and my 13th location in total. I have travelled almost 30,00 miles to these parkruns and have run in weather ranging from scorching sun (Australia) and snow (Poland). I have run a total of 210 miles since April 2014, that would have got me to Glasgow or Sevenoaks.

I tried to hide under the duvet and with a pillow over my head, but there was no escaping the persuasive tones of Mr B. So, with great reluctance I got on a train from Gdansk to Gdynia and easily found the right place. We loitered around what we thought was the start until we spotted the runners all heading in the same direction, so like good little sheep we followed. It turned out that we were actually stood at the finish !!

Yes, I actually travelled on public transport dressed like this ! I did get changed afterwards.

After yet more loitering and listening carefully to the run director (Ha ! Not really, I couldn’t understand a word) the run started and I followed the crowd along the promenade back past the first loiter zone. As I passed the finish line for the first time a nice man shouted something that I hope was encouragement, my reply was “no Polish” as I sped** past. Back along the promenade to the end and back again. The front runners going the other way shouted what I assume were nice things as they passed and some of the volunteers shouted “bravo” which I did actually understand.

Around 1km in.Crossing the finish line. As usual, I finished wearing less clothes than I started with.

Towards the end the runners thinned out but I managed to keep the nearest one in sight so I didn’t got the wrong way. Mr B was waiting for me at the finish and so was the man that had shouted earlier, they were both cheering me on (in English). I finished in 36:25, not a bad time. I have recently been quite slow and have struggled to keep my times under 40 minutes. I think the fact that it was flat as a fart helped.

Scary post run selfie.

Much as I hate to admit it, I’m glad Mr B made me get up.

*Welcome to Gdynia parkrun (I hope).

**Sped = Binnsy for plodded

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