The Hill of Hell

Last night was “Lakers night”, for those who don’t know “Lakers” refers to the club I run with, South Leeds Lakers. Although run with is a bit of an under statement, I’m a run leader, the welfare officer (a job share with the lovely Debs) and mental health ambassador (also a job share, with Paul).

Some of the South Leeds Lakers 


They are a lovely bunch of people and have given me masses of support and plenty of PRN* kicks up the arse. The Lakers don’t care how fast or how far you run they just love that you run. They also quite like it if you drink too, but that’s not essential as long as you have fun.

We meet on a Tuesday at the Co op in Beeston at 7pm and have a variety of runs. I often lead the 5k (ish) group but last night I decided that I quite fancied the hill reps that Steve had organised. I’m full of bright ideas like that.

Sergeant Woods

So, after the usual natter and warm up we headed down Wesley Street to Sunnyview Gardens. We gathered at the bottom to get our orders from sergeant Woods. Once up the hill as a warm up, yeah right ! I was totally warm ! That’s it, right ? No. I did another 5 reps up this twat of a hill.

It started as a nice gentle slope and I trotted up thinking “I can totally do this” until I found the sneaky steep bit hiding around a little bend. OMG, my legs, my breathing ……….. I was dying. And that was just the first one. It did get a little bit easier after that …………….. sort of.

The second time I made it to number 43, then 45, then 47. I was on a roll, back down the bloody hill. The next 2 were in the 30’s. I had had enough and I said this to my running buddy, Christine. She agreed, we would do this last one then run along the flat bit back to the co op. Christine and I weren’t the only ones to think that, I had a little posse on the home run. We were soon joined by one of the other groups heading back and there was a visitor from Newcastle. I hope we didn’t scare her off !

Christine, running buddy extraodinaire.

As usual the super fast runners offered words of encouragement, and as usual, I could only use sign language to respond. One day I will be that good ………………. well, a girl can dream, can’t she ?

Much to my surprise the torture that I endured yesterday has not had a lasting effect. I have had literally no pain today ! It’s not so long ago that walking up that hill would have crippled me for a week. It didn’t do much for my glamorous good looks though.


*PRN = medical speak for as required

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