Let’s Go For a Little Walk.

Mr Binnsy and I had a rare 3 days off together so we decided on a nice romantic weekend in Gdansk. Mr B went to book it but there was only one seat left on the return flight so rather than one of us staying behind unsupervised we decided to go to Whitby instead.

The hotel had a spectacular view of the sea, but every good thing has to have a downside. In this case it was more up than down, four bloody floors worth of up ! And no lift. The room was lovely and that combined with the view made it worth it at first. My opinion would soon change.

We arrived too early to check in on the Friday so went for a little wander around and explore the local eating and drinking establishments. As anyone who has ever been to Whitby will know, it is full of steps and hills. By the end of the weekend I had developed a healthy fear of stairs.

After check in we ventured back out for more beer followed by a pretty scrummy curry. This all put paid to my plan to get up early and have a little run to compensate for missing parkrun. Instead we had the fantastic idea of walking along the Cleveland Way to Robin Hood’s Bay. How hard can it be ? It’s only 6.5 miles, I’ve run further. How wrong I was.

We headed down the stairs from the Whalebones, through the town and up the 199 steps to the Abbey (can we see a theme yet ?) By the Abbey I had a bit of a sweat on so we had a strip stop and then we were officially on the Cleveland Way. The Cleveland Way is a 109 mile walking route from Helmsley to Filey Brigg, obviously we didn’t do it all. Along the way I stopped a few times for photo ops and just to admire the scenery (aka rest stops). The whole walk took 3 1/2 hours, only about 2 more than my usual time for that distance. In my defence, it was a pretty tough walk full of mud and stones and we soon gave up trying to avoid the mud.

At that time of the day, it was pretty quiet but when I saw an army of ramblers heading towards us I have to admit to being pretty terrified ! They passed us without comment but I could see their looks of disgust at my “lack” of suitable clothing. After that it was a little busier but not crowded, they were all pretty friendly and no one else really seemed to judge my attire.

As we passed Saltwick Bay, we saw a runner and his dog coming the other way. They headed down to the beach and we watched for a while. There was also a small boat out at sea that we were having a nosy at. Mr B decided that the man on the beach was a drug magnate meeting the boat for his latest shipment of cocaine. I’m sure he was a very nice, law abiding man but it was a funny story.

The walk was described in the hotel info as “hard going”, it just didn’t say how bloody hard ! On a scale of 1 -5 in hardness, I give it a 10 ! It was very undulating, in fact some of the undulations were so steep that they need steps building into them. There were lots and lots of steps and then in Robin Hood’s Bay, there were even more steps. I hate steps ! We slipped and slid up and down hills, we paddled through a stream and I wasted my time washing my boots.

The views were spectacular but I think I worried Mr B slightly by going quite close to the cliff edge. He did point out that since I had jumped out of a plane I wasn’t scared of anything anymore. That’s what I keep telling myself too.

We plodded on waiting and praying for my GPS watch to buzz and let us know that we had completed another kilometre. Somewhere along the way I had lost count and my distance in my head did not match the distance on my watch, nothing new there then.

At the end of the path there was a very conveniently located pub, I wrote the first draft of this blog in there. They also served food but I decided against it after seeing the menu.

We headed further down into Robin Hood’s Bay which included yet more steps which we had to go up and down. The pub halfway down also had upstairs toilets, you see where I’m heading here ?




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