One Girl, Two Continents, Three Countries, Four Weeks and Five parkruns. Part VI – The Finale.

My final parkrun in the Southern Hemisphere was at Paramatta, just outside Sydney. It’s a “out and back” course along the side of a river. It’s not the first time that I have done a route like this, in February I did Wroclaw parkrun along the side of the river Oder. That’s where the similarities end. Wroclaw was -1° and Paramatta was 26° ! I ran Paramatta almost 10 minutes slower that Wroclaw.

Trying to hide in a eucalyptus  tree.

It was a bit further away so we had to leave earlier, yay ! Antoinette and David arrived to collect me and then we collected Antoinette’s sister and her son. When we arrived I was provided with a eucalyptus branch to keep the flies away. We hung around the start line and I met some more nice people.

David, Anne, Antoinette, me and Rachel.

The route itself is flat and quite scenic, although I have found all the parkruns scenic in their own unique way. There were lots of other park users around at that time so I had to keep my eyes peeled for dogs and cyclists. I also tried to keep David in my sights but didn’t quite manage it. I had learned my lesson from the previous week and adopted a run/walk method to avoid getting too hot. When I got near to the end I was very pleased to see Anne coming back to run with me, a bit of company always helps me run.

My personal trainer.

I finished in position 166/190 in 43:47 minutes, not too bad considering the heat and the fact that I was on my 4th week of my holiday.

Then the best bit, breakfast ! I had a fancy egg and bacon dish with a sweet potato patty (without the avocado). It was a lovely relaxed brekkie with lots of laughs and really nice to meet Antoinette’s family.

Not an avocado in sight.

The Breakfast Gang.Playing Hide and Seek.




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