One girl, two continents, three countries, four weeks and five parks. Part I of VI. The Preview.


This holiday has been almost two years in planning. Today I will be running at my home parkrun, Cross Flatts, Leeds.


Next week,  I will have travelled almost 12,000 miles around the globe to Auckland where I will be joining the lovely (I hope) people of Western Springs parkrun. I am also racing in the Skechers 12k ladies race in Auckland.


The week after I will be a mere 79 miles away from Auckland, in Rotorua for my next parkrun. I will have got there in a roundabout way via Matamata, Taupo and Napier clocking up 400 miles before I get there.


Following this, I will be hitting country number 3. After flying 1340 miles from Auckland to Sydney I will be joining the runners at St Peter’s parkrun.

My final parkrun will be in Sydney but I am spoilt for choice so the choice will be made following expert advice from the runners at St Peter’s. The only condition is that it is not St Peter’s.

It’s 7am, I am up and ready for Cross Flatts, I really don’t feel like running today but I have set myself this challenge and I will bloody well do it. Today is going to be a long day, I won’t get to sleep in an actual bed again until Monday morning (UK time).

There will be plenty of photos to bore you all and if you want to bore your friends you can point them in my direction. Add yourselves to my mailing list to keep up to date with my adventures, I might even sneak a couple of non running stories in here too.

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