See Binnsy Run – The Return

I have neglected both my writing and my running over the summer this year.

I have completed my 12 races ahead of target. In July I ran the final race, I have raised a fantastic £1062 for the Leeds Children’s Hospital. I have only completed one race since, the Kirkstall Abbey 7 mile which my watch actually recorded as 6.66 miles, I think this number is appropriate for the way I felt after running it.

It is the second time that I have run in this race and it wasn’t good ! I finished 13 minutes slower than last year and it felt so much harder this time. I know this is due to lack of training. Also, I ran most of it on my own, last year I had a new friend to chat to.



Towards the end I spotted an angel running towards me, I was nearly in tears due to a pain in my knee and I knew that my time was going to be crap. My angel came in the form of Sadie and her gorgeous little boy Finlay. A bit closer to the finish and my posse grew when I was joined by Archie and Ellie who’s parents are regular runners around the usual running haunts of South Leeds. By the finish line the pain was long forgotten, although the time was still crap. The Lakers all hung around the end to cheer me on, accompanied by my Dad of course. To finish the day off a few of us headed to the pub.

fb_img_1474201042388 laker-kids-kirkstall-7

My next fundraising challenge is going to be the Yorkshire Marathon and I am going to be fundraising for the Burns Unit at Pinderfields Hospital. I’ve chosen this charity to honour the memory of my Stepmum who worked on the unit for over 20 years and was loved by staff and patients alike.

Between now and then I am having an epic holiday in New Zealand and Australia and, yes, I am planning to run there. I have booked a 12k race in Auckland and I’m intending to run 4 different parkruns.

Watch this space for the next episode.




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