An insane month of running – The recovery

The last run of my insane month was 2 months ago and I’m still in recovery !

Did I do too much ? Probably.

Is the inability to run at the same level psychological ? Yep.

Will I get over it and ever run that well again ? Of course I will, what a silly question.

I ran all my four races with training runs in between, then I went on holiday and ran 3 times in the week. Each time I ran I was slower and slower. I tried to blame the terrain, the heat, the hangover……….. anything other than actually admitting that I needed a rest.

I cut my runs down to 2 a week, Tuesdays with the Lakers and parkrun on a Saturday morning. I didn’t want to miss parkrun because I had a plan to run my 50th on my birthday. I didn’t want to miss Lakers because they needed me as a run leader.

I record every run on my Garmin watch and link it to Strava, I can see my runs over time and analyse the changes. In March this year, I was doing pretty well. Following the mad month, I wasn’t doing so well. To help recovery, I went back to basics – intervals of running/walking. Only time will tell if it has worked.

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