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To my surprise, I discovered that running is not the only fun sport around. There is also cycling.

Through Facebook, I found out that Dani from Leeds Girls Can was running a cycling group. It runs from various locations around Leeds and there was one going from Middleton.

In my wisdom, I thought, why not? I also thought that it would be a good idea to cycle from my house all the way up Dewsbury Road. NO !

Uphill into gale force winds and rain and hail !!!! Not my best idea ever.

I got as far as The Broadway and decided to take a short cut through the industrial estate. I cut a tiny corner off and had a little bit of shelter from the wind.

Then, I had the fantastically clever idea of going up through Middleton Park. In the mud. Across the grass. Up a very, very steep hill. Again, not a great idea.

I pushed the bike more than I rode it.

I finally arrived at the golf club as the hailstorm started, but never mind. I was there and I was going to enjoy this ride if it killed me.

I found Dani in the golf club and received a very warm welcome, she introduced me to the other ladies but I can’t remember all of their names so am not even going to try. I had the standard check of my bike to make sure it was fit to ride. When everyone was ready, we set of through Middleton Park along a route that I have run many times before, but never cycled. Luckily for me, it was all downhill.

We stopped a few times to regroup and a chat and a giggle, as girls do. We rode along the side of Middleton Railway and up to South Leeds Academy, I was over halfway home so decided to leave the group then. I had already done the uphill bit after all.


Dani runs the cycling group in Middleton on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 6pm meeting at the old golf club.

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