Nice people in a scary world

Today is just an ordinary Saturday, filled with lovely people. This week has been very depressing full of nastiness, violence and killing. It’s enough to make a person want to hide away from the bad world. And then there’s parkrun.

I met an almost stranger and really enjoyed chatting and introducing her to the lovely people at Cross Flatts parkrun, seeing them welcome her made me proud to know them.

Someone I have known for a very long time (around 15 years) but have only really started speaking to since parkrun took me aside and said some very kind words to me. You know who you are.

And of course there were all the other beautiful people there supporting each other and generally being good people.

Being cheered over the line always makes me feel better and getting my time back under 40 minutes helped too.

It has made me realise that we have a lovely little community in South Leeds and we should all be proud. Remember, there are some wonderful people in the world.

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