An insane month of running – week 2

fountainsSo, following on from my 10 miler the previous week, a 10k should be easy, right ? NO. Wrong, very wrong. The 10 mile run was flat, the 10k was all uphill. Obviously it wasn’t but the downhill bits were far outweighed by the uphill bits.

The terrain was a mix of tarmac, moorland, mud and rocky paths. I have never been a fell runner, unlike my friend and sports masseuse to the stars, Dalia. So I found the fells particularly challenging.

Paths were almost none existent on the top of the moor and we had to negotiate over rocks and through bogs. The off road paths were plagued with puddles and mud. The tarmac was all uphill. All these factors made for a very challenging race.

I was set a challenge by Simon to finish with at least 8 people behind me, I would have matched that if my last minute sprint hadn’t taken me past the lady in front. I did feel a little bit bad that I passed her, until she approached me and told me that she had had me in her sights the whole way until the long, steep hill at the end where she overtook me. She was pleased for me that I managed to regain my position on the flat run in.

At the finish line we were rewarded with a delicious pork pie and a goodie bag with a T shirt, fleece snood and the standard bottle of water. I had to treat myself to a lovely cool beer too, which was unexpectedly paid for by Mike’s friend so it tasted so much better.

Thanks to Mike for the lift and Dalia for the extra pie. Also massive thanks to Mike’s little posse who cheered me on at the finish line. Sorry, I can’t remember all of your names but you are lovely people.


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