Marathon man.

I have a running friend who is one of the most amazing, inspirational people I have ever met. On the outside, he looks like any other bloke but when it comes to running, he is passionate and dedicated. He has been a massive help to me in the year that I have been running with the Lakers. Not just me, plenty of others have benefited from his advice and support.

May I introduced, Gavin.

gavin 1

He started the “unofficial” runs, usually on a Thursday. He plans runs to incorporate people’s training for events and kicks arse when needed. His advice is great, it’s a shame that he doesn’t always follow it himself !

canal runSunday morning hangover bashing run along the canal.

On April 24th he ran the London marathon and has inspired me and a number of other Lakers to enter the ballot. We don’t stand a great chance of getting in (1 in 18 apparently).

gavin 2

He has raised an absolute fortune for a children’s charity it’s not too late to add to it – Donate here

We have been there through all the pain and doubt that he has had during his training. He has gone through hell to get ready for this event, he went through hell during the event. He finished. He ran 26.2 miles through our capital city, something some people can only dream of. Something I never thought that I would consider.

Here’s what he had to say on Facebook after the race;

“Great to see so many ‘thinking’ about London next year.
Here’s my take on the actual logistics of it all….

I was in red start which was the charity bond start. The announcer said that there were 48000 running the marathon and we had 33000 in our start.
The Green start was celebs and I think club ballot places, blue start was general ballot places. So if you work out that around 350,000 went in the ballot then you can work out your chances of running it! !

It took me 24 mins to start and I was in pen 8 out of 9. It was really slow going as people had obviously done their usual thing and and predicted finish times way quicker than they could run. I was still weaving and getting stuck behind people after 4/5 miles. It also got bad again when you merged with blue start. Around Mile 6 I caught the 5.45 blue pacer and virtually came to a halt. It went on like this for at least I mile. Totally boxed in.
Tower Bridge was amazing, I’ll admit I had a moment. The noise was just amazing…. I ran all the way across clapping the crowd. There was a big helicopter hovering to the left. Turns out it was Mr President on Marine One having a sneaky peek!

I can’t remember much of Miles 14 – 18. I was in total agony and trying to block everything out.
All I remember is noting various DLR stations.

I needed the bog 6 times during the run, I never usually pee during a race but had 3 before at the start and 6 during. Great facilities for blokes though with urinals in the street.

The finish was bonkers. So much noise. I got some great shouts of “Come on Gav a lah” in booming cockney accents.
Amazing sight to see Buckingham Palace.
Folk were great at the end. Marshall helped me get my foil thing out and onto my back.”

A special mention must go to Mrs Shoesmith, she has the patience of a saint and his gorgeous son who is cute and funny and a total ladies man.

cheeky pam

Thanks Gavin, here’s hoping that I don’t make the ballot.



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