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Tomorrow, I am running in the first Vale of York 10 mile race. I am going to use the timings to work out how long it will take to do Leeds Half Marathon. With those times I am creating a sweepstake and for just £1 you could win a fantastic prize. All you have to do is make a donation via my Just Giving page for Leeds Children’s Hospital, make sure you put sweepstake and how many numbers you would like. I will also take cash.

Times are in 15 second intervals and each one is allocated a number from 1 to 81. The closest to my finishing time wins. There will also be other prizes, I will decide later whether these are going to be related to times or randomly drawn out.

Over the next four weeks, I will be running a race every week. This means I will have completed 10 of my 12 races by early May. I have number 11 booked for the day after my birthday. There are lots and lots of options for my final one.

So far, I have raised a fantastic £657.80, not including the cash from the sweepstake. I have some amazing friends and family who keep giving and donating.

Watch this space for a report on the race, maybe not tomorrow but very soon.

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