An insane month of running, week 1

So, in my infinite wisdom I “accidentally” signed up for 4 races on 4 consecutive weeks. The first was Vale of York 10 mile, it was the first for this event. A few of the lovely Lakers also ran the race, two of them ran with me.

I picked Ian and Sam up at 8am on a Sunday and made our way along the A1 to Rufforth, Sam supplied the Jelly Babies, Ian supplied the annoying distraction from nerves.

It was easy enough to spot our fellow Lakers and we gathered for the group photo, complete with flag.

vale of york before

My nerves kicked in stood on the start line but we were soon on our way. Out and back along the airfield and then on to some country roads. There was some lovely scenery and we said hello to the local animals, in the form of  sheep and a baby bunny rabbit.

We met some lovely people along the way and had some interesting chats. The marshals directing and giving encouragement were lovely too.

vale of york start line

Sam and Sheree stayed with me the whole way, doing a bit of looping to get some extra miles in. They allowed, no, encouraged me to swear at my knee when it started hurting between miles 8 and 9.

I ran the whole way with no walking, the furthest ever.

vale of york the pain vale of york death mask vale of york more pain

I got to the end to be cheered on by the rest of the Lakers. As I approached the finish line, my legs developed a mind of their own and carried me faster and faster, although I think my running buddies upping their pace may also have had something to do with it. Amazingly, the sprinting relieved the pain in my knee. I will always be grateful to Sam and Sheree for their support.

vale of york mckenzie

After I crossed the line, I knelt on the floor to stretch my thighs and the paramedics looked quite worried. I got the best hug from my little mate McKenzie (photo credits to his dad, Gavin). And he also presented me with my medal.

vale of york lakers

One last group photo and we all headed home to get our rewards. Mine was food and beer watching Hunslet Hawks.

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