The Start

It started with a picture, a picture of me at my 40th birthday party. I saw the fat arms and the double chin and was totally horrified, I was fat and 40 !

40th birthday

That was the point when I decided to do something. I don’t do dieting so the only option was to increase my level of exercise. That wasn’t hard considering that I was doing literally no exercise.

I joined a gym and almost died … from boredom. I tried zumba classes and almost broke every bone in my body from tripping over my own feet. I also discovered that I could not move my arms and legs in time with each other, so anything like dancing or boxersise was totally out of the question. I was stumped.

So, a couple of months after my birthday a friend asked me for a lift to a running event and there I met the lovely ladies from South Leeds Sisters. 


I had a bit of a chat and Holly gave me her card, at that point I didn’t seriously intend to go but as I thought more about it I decided that it wouldn’t do any harm. I emailed Holly and attended the next session.

And that was it. My first day as a runner.

It was horrible, it hurt for days afterwards and I thought I was going to die. I never wanted to go back. Until the lovely ladies told me how well I had done and that it would get easier. So I went back the following week and the one after that. Until I got injured !

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